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About Us


TripMaster is a rideshare platform and mobility company in Cameroon. TripMaster makes it easier for individuals to move freely and smarter. A digital mobile platform business model and a ridesharing marketplace, that connects passengers who need a ride from point A to point B with drivers willing and available to serve them. Designed to improve drivers and passengers’ quality of life. TripMaster is the best option for saving time and money out there.

We are here to give you better access to transportation services for your daily commutes by offering unique value to both drivers and passengers. Easy to use app for drivers and passengers.


Trip Master online taxi is the safest and most reliable ride share platform in Cameroun today…
We are here to give you better access to transportation services for your daily commutes.Operational 24/7 in the city of Douala ,next to our répertoire will be Yaounde and other major cities of Cameroon.
We offer unique value to both drivers and passengers with our upto date vehicles .We have three payment options(Orange/MTN money,wallet and visa).
The finest of our service is the possibility of reserving a car on our Platform.
Tripmaster will impact many,as we look forward in employing about (500) five hundred young Cameroonians in the next 3 years (2023-2026)..
We have open doors to partners who wish to make way with us…If you have a car or cars and wish to make money contact us.
Our online taxi Platform is a 100% Cameroonian rideshare that respect the economic ecosystem..Easy to download and trilingual (English,French and Spanish).
Our mission is to show case made in Cameroon products and services with vision of making our country proud again….
We are 3 months old in the city of Douala and can already boost of morethan 4000 customers on our data base..Thank you Douala-Cameroun
25 million Cameroonian is our target by 2025
If you have love for Green Red Yellow,go to playstore or appstore now and download our App..
Reach out to us on (+237)670458484 or on